241.056 €
Broj soba:
Cena po m²:
3.090 €


Kalenić, Vračar, Beograd

Godina izgradnje:
2/5 spratova
Ima lift:
1 garažno mesto
video nadzor, interfon
Šifra oglasa:
Datum kreiranja:
10.06.2020 (13:25)
Oglas proverila agencija:
20.10.2020 (21:25)
Vračar, Kalenić market - Loznička 3.0, 78m2 (terrace 6m2), central heating, 2/5, elevator, intercom Extraordinary location between Vuk's monument and Sports Centre Vračar. The building has foundation walls and floor slabs on the ground protected by waterproofing, anti-humidity material and leachate. The outer walls are protected by hydro and thermal insulation materials. The roof covering is made of sheet metal. Horizontal gutters, gutter verticals, drips and edgings are made of sheet metal - mezzanine ceilings of fert beams and fillers. A ventilated facade lined with stone and glass will be constructed. The facade joinery is made of aluminium profile with a thermal bridge, and the fittings are adequate with all the accompanying elements. All external openings are equipped with built-in blinds with imported fittings. A concrete staircase and a hydraulic elevator (450 kg or 6 people) connect the lowest and highest floors, with an exit on each floor. The walls of the staircase and corridor are covered to the height of possible damage with granite slabs, while the staircase and the floors of the corridor are also covered with granite slabs. The stairwell is lit with automatic light switching off. The entrance to the building and the windshields are covered to the height of possible damage with marble slabs. The front door and windshields open by electric intercom or with a key. Each apartment has an intercom and video surveillance of the entire building. Wall finishing on the inside: plastering, smoothing, painting with quality paints of the future owner's choice. The walls in the toilets and bathrooms are covered with first class Italian tiles and chosen by the future owner of the apartment from the ceramic salon "EURODOM" up to 30 EUR per m2. A cement screed with sound insulation is provided as a base for the floors. The apartments will have sound treatment of floors, as well as first class three-layer oak parquet. The entrance door to the apartments are high quality and anti-burglary (armoured with a security lock). Interior carpentry doors of the brand "BOSAL", solid wood or MDF fences with staining and varnishing (polyurethane varnish), wood stocks. Imported fittings. Exterior carpentry aluminium - wood and triple glazing. Heating via "DAIKIN" or "TOSHIBA" radiators connected to the heat pump system. First class sanitary ware of foreign production. Three-phase electrical installation with two-tariff meter. Cable, radio and TV installation in the wall with a box. The investor gives a guarantee of 10 years, for insulation 5 years, and for installed equipment a guarantee given by the manufacturer of that equipment. The price includes VAT. Possibility to buy a garage space. The planned completion of the works is the second half of 2021. Agent Nikola Kostadinović: 064 / 11-77-112

Trosoban stan za prodaju, Kalenić, 78 m2, na 2. spratu, ima lift. Stanje - novo, centralno grejanje, ima terasu. Ima garažno mesto.